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24th of May  
Architecture Faculty Parque, Podchorążych 1


Everyone knows that straw likes sun so STRAW IN THE PARK will arrive on MONDAY 24TH!

See you on monday,

If architects -can everybody can.
If everybody can - architects also can.

We will be making a dream parque. During one day, for one day.
 We give you straw cubes. You construct whatever you wish.

For five years that we are studying here we were thinking our park is dull and it could actually be SOMETHING.
And one day instead of passing by and think we decided to stop and act.
And as we consider doing things together more fun - everyone is invited. Be an architect and constructor for free! Play with gigantic lego, we know everyone dreams about it.

Join our event on

And here is a funny Philippe Starck's talk about creativity. 
Not really related but can be inspiring.

And the proof that miraclescan be made out of straw. Imagination is the only limit.

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